Monday, February 17th

Welcome to the working week! Hopefully this one has a little less snow than the last one? Emo Philips was awesome last night, if you didn’t go while he was here you messed up. Fear not, though, because he comes to the Laughing Skull every Valentines Day weekend, so you can check him out next year!

Reddit user /u/Tatumc kindly volunteered the lovely new skyline photograph that’s in the header at the moment, thanks!

There’s not too much going on today, I guess everyone is still recovering from the weekend. Be sure to follow me on Twitter or put me in your RSS reader if you don’t use Tumblr!

It’s the last day to catch the Ringling Bros Built to Amaze Circus at the Philips Arena, there are four shows today including one at 7pm. Tickets start at $20.

The Plaza Theater is premiering “What Difference Does It Make? A Film About Music Making" at 9:30, admission is free.

The Highlander has DRUNK Bingo at 9:30 and $2 PBR tall boys all day! Has anybody been to this?

Villains Wicked Heroes on 8th and Peachtree will be doing a pop-up restaurant themed on Puerto Rican street food, called PR 184. Lots of pork-y bacon-y goodness, from 5pm until close.

There’s group yoga on the beltline at 5:30pm, meeting in the parking lot of Manuel’s Tavern. Limited to the first 10 people to RSVP. This goes on every Monday evening, and looks like a nice way to get some exercise in if it’s nice out.

There’s an exhibit at the Breman Jewish Heritage museum in Midtown celebrating the old Rich’s department store, “Return to Rich’s: The Story Behind the Store." If you’re nostalgic for the time when Atlanta had a Rich’s then this is probably fun?

The Apache Café is having a Bohemian Circus at 7pm, it’s described as “An Interactive Art Evening, exhibiting works by emerging artists including drawings, paintings and fine art photography.” Sounds pretty interesting, and it’s over on 3rd and Spring, right by the Quad.

Red Light Café is hosting the Atlanta Songwriter’s Club Meetup, where songwriters can perform and receive feedback from an audience of fellow songwriters and music fans. Starts at 8pm. $3 cover.

Mindzai Creative is opening their gallery to show off their new exhibit, Broken Hearts Club. There’s punch, food, art, and it’s free. 7-10pm. (Heads up: last time i went to an exhibition here there was free pizza and free pbr!)

Here are all the shows going on tonight


In case that isn’t readable, here’s a direct Imgur link.
Late nite edit: Bleeding Rainbow cancelled at the 529, Del Venicci are headlining instead.

(If anyone has any suggestions on what the best way to do this might be, please let me know your thoughts! I’m thinking this table image isn’t that great…)

There’s also the regular Monday stuff as well as all the ongoing events!

I’ll be going to the free Bleeding Rainbow show, because they’re amazing, but before that I might check out the Bohemian Circus, or maybe the Broken Hearts Club exhibit, and I’m definitely going to get dinner at Villains for some tasty Puerto Rican pig! Let me know what you go to and what ended up being fun!!

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